"Sticky Families" is a small group at St. Barnabas that meets once a month. The name comes from our churches "Sticky faith" conversations about nurturing faith from a young age in ways that will help faith "stick" over the long run. The group's goal is to encourage Sticky faith and help St. Barnabas families with young children to get to know each other better.


Saturday, April 16th, 1-3 pm:
We will be doing our annual parking lots clean up service project. Bring brooms, buckets, and rakes and we will go on an "Easter egg hunt" for rocks in the grass surrounding the church parking lots. Also bring a snack to share and a water bottle!

Sunday, May 15th, 9am-??:
Join us at the first service, coffee/treats, and then Central Park in Maple Grove for a picnic. I will ask for people to RSVP at a later date to be sure we find everyone for the picnic as some might choose to go to the second service. If the weather is terrible, we will do a picnic in the Youth Room and have some sort of indoor activity/craft to do!

Also, we are looking for people to host summer activities... It is OK to repeat an activity! If you are interested in this, please let me know and I can help you with the logistics/ideas. Sarah Sponholz

Small Group Covenant For Sticky Families




WORSHIP: Sunday, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM • Saturday, 5:00 PM