... you'll be met by friendly people who are always willing to help you in any way we can.

Here are some other things you can expect:

  • What to wear - You'll see everything from jeans to coat and tie. You are invited to dress comfortably, in whatever feels appropriate to you; you're almost guaranteed to find someone dressed about the same.

  • Which entrance should I use? You can't miss the main entrance (handicap accessible) and that's the one to use. On Sundays, the east door on the front of the building is also open.

  • Which way is the sanctuary? It is immediately to your left when you enter the building at our main entrance. There are always greeters to help direct you.

  • Restrooms and a water fountain may be found about halfway down the hall straight in front of you as you enter the building. Both men's and women's restrooms have changing stations for infants.

  • Will you have to stand up and be recognized? Not at all. We're delighted to have you here; we'll never put you on the spot.

  • What about communion? We have communion every week and everyone who believes Christ is present is welcome. Sometimes we use the common cup (taking the bread, then dipping it into the wine); sometimes we have small individual cups for the wine. There are instructions in the bulletin, you can follow the example of those in front of you, or feel free to ask someone around you; we won't be offended. You are also welcome to remain seated for silent prayer or reflection, if you prefer.

  • What about music? Music is an important part of worship, as well as other parts of our ministry (see sidebar at right). We love to sing! We use hymns from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal as well as alternate music from a variety of sources and cultures. Many Sundays we also sing the liturgical responses, all of which are printed in the bulletin.

    During the school year, the Senior Choir offers choral anthems in a variety of styles from classical to brand new compositions. New singers are always welcome!

  • What about children in worship? Children are an important part of our community and we encourage their participation in worship. Rainbow Bags (filled with books, crayons, and soft toys) and children's bulletins are available at the entrance to the sanctuary. We understand that a little restlessness is normal for young ones, but if it's "one of those days," taking a short walk to the narthex may help get the wiggles out of their system. If your child does get restless, the nursery is available for children 3 and under during worship services.

  • What about the bulletin? OK, you'd probably never ask this one, but it's worth mentioning: Our bulletins are annotated - comments in the margins offer background information about different items in our worship. They cover the entire service including any special instructions to help you feel welcome and make worship comfortable.

WORSHIP: Sunday, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM • Saturday, 5:00 PM