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Attendance Policy

In situations where a regularly scheduled lesson time conflicts with a national or religious holiday, a make-up lesson will be arranged.

Please call or e-mail your teacher directly (not the SBCA office) if you must miss a lesson. If possible, please communicate this information at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson.

Prior notification, however, does not exempt the student from payment. Students are charged for all lessons for which they have registered, including those missed through student absence. The only student absence for which a make-up lesson is guaranteed is absence due to the observance of a national or religious holiday. All other student absences (i.e. family vacation, schedule conflicts, illness, etc.) will be made up at the teacher’s discretion, as time permits. Teachers are encouraged to offer a make-up lesson for up to two student absences. If a lesson must be cancelled by the instructor, a makeup lesson will be offered at a mutually acceptable time. All make-up lessons for the current term must be completed prior to the start of the next term. Make-up lessons will be given at St. Barnabas Center for the Arts.

Students on scholarship (whether full or partial) will pay the full fee for habitual absences or absences without sufficient prior notification (subject to the teacher’s discretion).

In the event of inclement weather, St. Barnabas Center for the Arts will list announcements on WCCO online at wcco.com/school-closings. If weather is deteriorating as the day/evening progresses, after 2:00 pm please call your respective teachers for an update on their individual status or to inform them if you are unable to make a lesson.