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Church Begins at Home

Prayers for Epiphany

Epiphany 1 Jan. 7-13

Epiphany 2 Jan. 14-20

Epiphany 3 Jan. 21-27

Epiphany 4 Jan. 28-Feb. 3

Epiphany 5 Feb. 4-10

Transfiguration Feb. 11-17

Church Begins at Home is a resource designed and written by Pastor Wayne especially for the St. Barnabas community. The premise on which this devotional resource is based is likely different than others you have used.   The list of readings used here primarily comes from a book of daily Bible readings called Between Sundays, compiled by Gail Ramshaw.  In the introduction, Ms. Ramshaw writes:

This daily lectionary expounds further on the Sunday gospel reading, sometimes by providing background to the gospel’s references and images, other times by reviewing other Old Testament stories that record God’s good news, or by exploring additional epistles.  Some of the most famous stories in the Old Testament and the Acts of the Apostles occur seldom in the Sunday lectionary, and some never; it is good to encounter these grand narratives during a week when they enhance the gospel reading.

To summarize — it is important that you hear the gospel reading at worship on Sunday or read it BEFORE you read the devotions for that week.  Then see if you can see the connection between that gospel reading and the reading for the day.  Sometimes it will be quite obvious — other times you may have to dig a little.

 A brief order for devotions is provided on a separate resource page for each season of the church year, together with prayers for mealtime, mornings, and evenings.  Taking 5-10 minutes each day for personal or family devotions is a good discipline to strive for.  But you may find that 2-3 times per week works better for you.  If so, read two or three days’ readings together.  Whatever schedule you choose, we pray that these devotions are a growing time for your faith.