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Mariners: Grades 3-5

Mariners: Grades 3-5  Wednesdays, 6:00-7:10 p.m.


  The Mariners begin the evening in the Ministry Center with the Sailors and Navigators for a few songs and a brief devotion to announce the theme for the evening. 

Worship & Music

After the opening, the Mariners move down to Classroom 6 on the Lower Level for music education led by Pastor Wayne. The goal of this segment is to help prepare the children for worship by teaching them the liturgies and hymns of the church.  This goal has both a short-term and long-term aspect. 

The short-term aspect is preparing for the worship service on the upcoming Sunday.  The kids may learn a hymn that will be sung on Sunday or a portion of the liturgy and learn why it is part of our worship.  About once a month they will learn an anthem which will be the children’s offering of praise at worship. Many anthem texts are directly from the Bible readings for that Sunday.

The long-term goal of this Worship & Music time is to lay a foundation for the children to be life-long worshipers.  Almost half of a worship service is set to music.  Music is more meaningful to worshipers if they have some quality music instruction.  This is true even if they never sing in a choir as adults.   In short, the Worship & Music segment is not an “extra” or an “option”.  It is an integral part of our confirmation instruction.

Story & Art

This segment begins with the presentation of the Bible story. Mariner Confirmation is lectionary-based, which means that each Wednesday’s activities are based on the Bible readings which will be read at Saturday/Sunday worship the following weekend. Children become familiar with looking up verses in the Bible and take turns reading from the text. Time is taken to talk about how we can apply the lesson in our own daily lives. Bible activities are done in small groups. These are often games, puzzles, and various stations that focus on learning Bible basics. We use the Whirl curriculum, and each week watch a short video that presents the message of the Bible passage and helps the children understand how it relates to them.  This segment also focuses on prayer and service. We close our time together by sharing prayer concerns for ourselves and our community.

A few times a year the children have the opportunity to create artistic projects inspired from the concepts of the Biblical story in the art segment. They are encouraged to be expressive of their own visual images, thoughts and feelings. These may take several weeks to complete, or may be used as liturgical art in the Sanctuary, or be designated for a mission/service project.

Bible (at home with parents)

All Mariner Confirmation children are asked to read the main stories of the Bible at home, either on their own or with their parents.  Children are given the Bible story book, Whirl Story Bible, as a gift from the congregation. Charts will be given out, listing all the individual stories they are to read.

Children are encouraged to read their books at home.  Parents or siblings may read with or to them, and then check off the stories they have read on the charts.  Often the answers to our Bible quiz games during Mariners comes from the reading for that month.

Family Service Event

Mariners and their families will have the opportunity to do a service project together this year. There will be an opportunity on a Saturday in January to go to Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids to pack meals for people in third world countries.  Details and car pool information to be announced.