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J.F. Nordlie Organ

Highlighting the cross over the altar in a field of polished aluminum, the organ built in 2001 for St. Barnabas Lutheran Church by the J.F. Nordlie Organ Company contains 1026 pipes in 19 ranks. The exterior cabinetry of the console, the swell box and the 16′ Subbass pipes are constructed from riff-sawn red oak to match woodwork in the sanctuary. The interior key desk surround of the console is made from oiled black walnut. Pau ferro sharps and drawknobs complete design of the console.

The two manuals and pedal use 42 stops, giving the organist great flexibility to lead congregational singing, accompany vocal and instrumental musicians, and perform organ literature from the Renaissance to the present day. The design employs careful use of unification and borrowing between divisions in order to maximize this flexibility within the space and budget constraints. The organ has an independent principal chorus in the Great, with an independent 8′ principal in the Pedal division, not often seen in instruments of this size. Two ranks of reeds are shared between the divisions. The Trompete includes a full-length 16′ octave in the Great and Pedal divisions, and is extended up to support a full compass 4′ Clarion stop in the Great and Swell.

Several preparations have been made for future expansion. Space is present on the Great chest for the addition of three ranks. An 8′ Spitzflute will replace one of the borrows from the Swell. An independent 2 2/3′ Principal will also be added and the 8′ Trompete will be moved from the Swell chest to the Great and a solo Trompete will be added inside the Swell box. In addition, space is present in the Swell to extend the Oboe down an octave so that a full-compass 16′ Fagott will exist on the Swell and Pedal divisions.